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It’s with great sadness that Baby Brain classes have now finished.


“Becky’s sessions were great fun. I’ve had some lovely, quality time with baby number two.”

Emma & rufus

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Hand Expressing – Why is it Useful?

Hand expressing human milk is a topic that comes up in sessions regularly. For any breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or expressing parent, it’s a really useful skill. It can help you to understand how your body works and can also make your feeding goals easier to manage. This article looks at some of the reasons to hand…

Activities to Build a Relationship and Bond With Your Baby

In my experience over my years as a Breastfeeding Counsellor and supporting new parents, one question that has come up time and time again is whether it is important to share feeds with other people so that they can bond with their baby. I’m not always sure whether this comes from a place of anxiety…

The Benefits of Singing to Your Baby Through Lockdown

We all know, and are told, that singing is good for our babies – even terrible singing! Most people I talk to don’t how it can help development, other than teaching language, so below are some wonderful facts about singing with your baby. While you are stuck in lockdown, it’s an ideal time to make…

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