Post Natal Sessions


An online course

The Baby Brain Postnatal course is designed to support you through early parenthood, connecting you with other new parents and providing you with information to navigate new parent life, and increase your confidence with your baby.

​Support will be provided by an experienced postnatal practitioner, qualified in new parent education, and the course provides an opportunity to connect with other new parents in your local area, and continue that conversation on your own WhatsApp group.

​Each week, you will receive educational resources and tools to help you on your journey, in addition to the weekly meets to chat about the themes and connect with other new parents.

​Week 1 – Introductions and Parenting through COVID

Week 2 – Your Baby’s Perspective – How your baby sees and interacts with the world

Week 3 – Changing identity: How our bodies change after having a baby

Week 4 – Learning to talk – the building blocks to language

Week 5 – The highs and lows of parenting: Where is the support?

Week 6 – Bond with your baby: Support the relationship for your baby with yourself and others

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